Arizona Speeders Synonymous

Apr 5, 2023
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Rio Verde, AX

Attention Arizona Speeders!⚡

This feels lame, but I'm just throwing this out there.​

Quick heads up, I'm a very happy-go-lucky guy, and my wife hates it!...and this might come off a bit sarcastic.

Main thought: Are you interested in starting a sweet group called Arizona Speeders Synonymous?
I don't like the acronym, but it just feels right. A.S.S. meetups don't sound very Christian, but they certainly might get your attention.

Side thought: We may need to regionalize things because we are a significant subgroup, but it might be helpful. High five if you're all about tribalism?! What would a group be like these days without an *ism, am I right? /joyful-sarcasm

Vision: We could be as cool, if not more, than all the biker groups...The group initiations will be painless, with some minor hazing but nothing hardcore. If there are any shellbacks out there, you know what I mean. We could regionalize the state into West A.S.S, Central A.S.S., North A.S.S, and South A.S.S..

Optimism: I'm not sure if anything like this exists yet, but I'd be willing to bet it would be worth considering. If it does exist, it may not be as cool as A.S.S., and we would welcome any new converts. Let's be honest; 'Speed Cars and Coffee' sounds cliche and more lame. I choose the ladder. If you do as well, let's ride!

Context: We'd be all about
  1. Charity rides
  2. Family excursions to Parker or the grand canyon.
  3. Quarterly bake-offs and potluck sunset runs.
  4. Raffles *with the sponsor's support (@Nick Olsen shoutout if you wanna support A.S.S. events or any A.S.S. chapters.)
    1. No shame in sponsoring an event with 3 or 4 of us and making some cool videos to inspire the rest to join A.S.S.
  5. Scavenger Hunts
  6. Guided Runs in Baja
  7. Flag Runs 🇺🇸
I'm not sure we would need black leather vests with club patches. That might be a bit excessive, maybe not, but I'd be open to discussion on this.

Please let me know your thoughts so I can add you to the short list of new members; I look forward to seeing you out there.

Go A.S.S.!⚡⚡
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seriously? We’re not trying to promote high cholesterol here. Come on let’s clean it up. The fire extinguisher is handy but mostly in the RZR forums, especially because yours isn’t properly locked out tagged out. If you want into A.S.S. You gotta do better. 😂😝😳👍
I'm going to start a riding group in Havasu called P.U.S.S.Y

People Using Side x Sides Year-round.

Vision - A group of side by side owner's that like to hit as much Bush as possible!
Firstly: I like your optimism, but like Resident JB, this suggested gang name is reaching inappropriate.

Our gang name is indirectly offensive, and yours is directly offensive. I like your style.

Question: Could this be the beginning of a new turf war?

Lastly: If you don't want to be in the A.S.S. posse, that's cool. The hazing might seem intimidating, but if you want to create your own boy band in Havasu, I'm fine with it as long as we can co-exist in the same space.