Interview with a Robby and Todd at NORRA 1000

For those that don’t know, Robby bought into NORRA. He is a strategic partner. Eleo, & Ron Perlman are still owners and will still run the day to day, but Robbys going to help with marketing and bring more partners into NORRA. The format or way the business runs will not change. NORRA is about fun racing in Baja. But Robby hopes to help be apart of the future of NORRA and make it better.

Next up the “Desert Bar”? We will see??
We didn't have anything better to do today, because it's 102°! So we are watching on the big screen via YouTube while the wifey is tracking the three amigos on her phone. 🤪

Got to love modern technology and thank Elon for starlink. 😉👍

However, the cockpit GoPro it's just showing a picture of one of Hunter's paintings. 🤪
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And for some reason it looks like Todd took the non-race, route out to the five freeway
Robby just finished! Not bad for the first day, and definitely not bad for a full production car.
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