Open House tonight 2/17

That is a pretty easy forecast to make. It’s brand new 1st gen. Of course👍. They worked out quite a few already and I am excited to get mine
I am hopeful that chupacabra/Nick teams up with him. I know he's just an accessory guy, but very much in the industry, and one of the most positive attitudes out there. He can definitely help make Speed better.
On the you tube live stream they did a mock speed jeopardy competition with haters as contestants and they made the real carel Sykes show him self lol

Alright so now we know who Carl is. Is he on here? I have my suspicions. Lol.

The other name I heard towards the end of the video was Doris. Who is Doris? First I heard of that name. I know we have a @Doris on here. Is that you? Sorry I don’t have a Facebook. Maybe these guys or gals are famous over there?