Suspension compromised during shipment


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Jan 18, 2023
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I was wondering what everyone thinks of how the shocks, springs, bearings etc will be affected being stacked for months as vehicles travel to the U.S. As many of you have seen the videos of the cars showing up and getting pulled out of the containers. Being compressed with that amount of weight on them can't be good.
I would not be to worried about it. The load the car is going to see being driven over bumps under acceleration is going to be much greater then the static load just sitting on top of it. Now with that said the tires would be probably the only thing that might see a slight flat spot from the prolonged weight, but that will return once it a heat cycle in them. I’d also be more concerned about scratching the car below when unbolting and unstacking them

But I also believe this was a temporary way to ship and is not going to be the norm. Robby mentioned they were learning and I believe this was a way to transport and eliminate the need to re-assemble once cars land in the USA.

If you at the picture of the 3rd batch ready to ship, it’s more like how Hisun would ship their other cars. Then cars are final assembled here.

Has anybody seen how some of the other manufacturers ship theirs? Can Am sends them out in an individual crate with tie down straps cinching all suspension componants down to their max compression point. Tires are on and compressed as well. Who knows how long theirs stay that way.
It's a non-issue. As already stated, suspension is bound solid during shipment, and that static load is minor compared to what the cars will see in the wild.

Just suspension doing suspension things. 😉😂

From the looks of following shipments, they've already streamlined again and have them crated even smaller.